Josh and Depression Vs. The World: Day 37

I can’t explain how, but I don’t feel horrible today. Don’t worry, friends, I’ll be back to my non-jovial self in no time. I am somehow not worried, and I just hate it when I’m off my A-game like this.

Fortunately, the person sitting near me at the coffee shop was coughing about once a minute, so now I have concerns about catching a cold, and this would be the worst time of the year for me to get sick. So I respond to this by turning my head slightly to the opposite direction, because maybe if the cold germs can’t look me in the eye, they won’t notice I’m there. #science.

I want to go on an adventure. And what I mean by that is that I want to watch an 80’s adventure movie. That’s how I explore the planet. Why go to South America when I can watch Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner do it with much more flair and romance?

Here’s why 80’s adventure movies are wonderful:
heroes can save the day without staining their kaki pants.
The soundtrack features some degree of synth.
Danny DeVito is running around comedically worried.

Perhaps there is a psychological reason why I am attracted to the 80’s. I was a child in the 80’s and a teenager in the ‘90’s. So in the 80’s, sugar and toys were more than enough to manage my depression. Thus, anything 80’s related brings me back to those times. Ah, for the movies where one cop could go against an entire machine-gun wielding drug cartel with only pistol and a dream.

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