Josh And Depression Vs. The World: Day 39

So all the things I’m worried about aren’t happening. And all of the things I am not worried about are happening. And then we cease to exist.

I’m too stunned to feel depressed today. It has to do with being overwhelmed. It’s like the train wreck is happening, and I’m in the middle of it, but also watching it and noticing that the pattern on the seats is very retro.

Is that ultimately what it is to be enlightened? To, in the middle of all the horrors, just stand back and say “huh. Who knew suffering had upholstery with a twinge of salmon.”

I didn’t eat any meat yesterday, and I feel less sad today. I read about how, when animals are mistreated, their bodies release toxins that stay within them after they are killed and served as food. So we are, in effect, eating the negative emotions of those animals. So that’s why I’m going to embrace a strict MSG only diet. You know what they say – if it comes from a lab, it’ll make you feel fab!

Scientists are close to being able to grow meat artificially. Theoretically, they could create meat without having to kill an animal to do it. And then, we will finally be able to do what we’ve always wanted to do to all of these animals: hunt them to extinction. #Progress.

A beautiful woman just walked into the coffee shop. Do I just go up to her and start talking to her? Do I walk up to her and say “hey, I don’t know anything about you in terms of essence, but I can already tell that I would like to try having sex with you. Do you want to proceed with that, and then have a series of probing conversations in which we attempt to determine if we are psychologically compatible?”

So I continue writing this blog and the woman leaves the coffee shop.

I wish I could let things roll off my shoulder. Forgive me for being human, but if something is rolling off my shoulder, I have some questions as to how that thing got there, and whether or not it can pay for the shirt it just stained.

My mother told me that, whenever I am feeling anything negative, that I shouldn’t try to fix it. I should just try to watch it. Just watch what is happening. So I’m watching myself get upset. And now I’m watching myself thinking about the advice to just watch what happens, and now I’m getting even more upset. #Progress.

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