Josh And Depression Vs. The World: Day 47

A potentially stressful thing could be happening to me later today, and for the first time in my life, I’m not worried about it. Which is always a bad sign – because it seems like it’s always when I don’t worry about something that it will blow up in my face. But I’m not worried about it because I am too burned out. So hey, Thank God for some small miracles.

People who wear their keys on their belts… I don’t get it. I don’t want people knowing what I have access to – not that I have access to anything profound, but isn’t it a reminder to everyone on the street that I might own things?

But sometimes, when I look at somebody who is wearing keys on their belt, I get the distinct feeling that it’s a fashion choice. Perhaps, a fashion choice that has attracted members of the opposite (and/or same) sex. It could be a turn on for some people. They see the keys and they think to themselves “now there’s a person who might have a storage unit. I need to get me some of that.”

Whenever I see somebody with keys on their belt, I think about the character with the keys on his belt from ET – the government agent who was tracking ET. He wore his keys on his belt. It bothers me that the head of a secret government organization who is tracking extra terrestrials is keeping the keys to the top secret lab out in the open like that. Seems like you’re sitting on a mighty fine breach in security there. And, lo and behold, the kids managed to steal ET out from under the government’s nose. So I think that organization needs some more oversight.

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