Josh And Depression Vs. The World: Day 56

Josh and Depression Vs. The World: Day 56

Failure. I think that’s at the core of my depression. The fear of it. The fear that that is how other people will see me. I’m told that I am the one who defines success and failure. That doesn’t make sense to me. That’s like if Shakespeare had a best friend named Steve who said “Yeah, Hamlet was ok, but it’s got nothing on my story about a surfer who moonlights as a private detective.” We are (in spite of my best efforts) a communal species. We are what we make of each other. Is it so much to ask that I am worshipped as a God? It doesn’t even have to be the main one – I’ll take one of the supporting Gods.

The surfer’s sidekick is a shark. I think that goes without saying. And the surfer’s name is Rex Riddick. It would be easy to name the Shark “Sharkie” but I think his name should be Marvin.

REX: If you look at the gunpowder patterns, I think it’s pretty clear that she was murdered. This wasn’t a suicide.

MARVIN: Linda left me.

REX: What?

MARVIN: She left me.

REX: When?

MARVIN: Last night.

REX: Where did she go?

MARVIN: I think she’s having an affair with a dolphin.

REX: Is that possible?

MARVIN: What do you mean, is that possible? They can’t procreate, but they can certainly have a lot of fun.

REX: I’m sorry.

MARVIN: It’s my fault. I wasn’t paying enough attention to her.

REX: Do you need to jump back into the ocean for a minute so you can breathe?

MARVIN: Why bother?

REX: There are plenty of fish in… I hate to say the expression under the circumstances, but I can’t think of anything more appropriate.

MARVIN: There aren’t as many available sharks as you’d think.

REX: What about that man-eating shark who terrorized the bay for three months?

MARVIN: I just get the feeling, if we got into a relationship, she’d misdirect anger.

REX: You’re too picky.

Failure is unavoidable. I read a book about how we have to reverse our thinking on failure. Instead of trying to avoid failure, we should embrace it – because it takes failure to generate success. Just ask the people who’ve been married for nine times and who still can’t find happiness. Well, that took a depressing turn – glad to see I’m sticking to the theme of the blog.

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