Josh and Depression Vs The World: Day 73

But seriously – why does the Pink Power Ranger wear a miniskirt? I don’t recall Kimberly requesting to wear a miniskirt. I think Zordon just gave it to her to wear. That’s weird. That would be like a woman joining the army, and on the first day, they hand her pink camouflage.

FEMALE OFFICER: What’s this?

COMMANDER: It’s your uniform. We also got you a special female tank.

FEMALE OFFICER: That’s a Mazda Miata.

COMMANDER: Cute, isn’t it?

Look – I’m not trying to be controversial here. If the Pink Ranger wants to wear a miniskirt, she should have that right, but I don’t think it was ever presented as a choice.

Conversely, suppose the mantle of the Pink Ranger falls onto a man – will the miniskirt remain? I think it should, to maintain consistency and fairness.

I have to think about these things so that I don’t drive myself insane thinking about loneliness.

I dreamt last night that I became a porn star, and I’m still processing this. The odd thing about it was that I was pretty confident in myself as a pornstar. I was not aware that this facet of my ego was in such good condition.

I’m also surprised that my libido is functioning at all at this point. There are not too many miles on the equipment, and I fear that the lack of use will cause degradation and disrepair.

Other interesting points in the dream. As a porn star, I was going to have sex with both sexes. I think the technical term for this is “utility infielder.”

The problem was that, in the dream, I just kept sitting around, waiting for them to actually shoot the porn. There were production delays – at one point, the director asked me to come back later – I can’t remember why – something to do with as scheduling conflict.

But that’s the typical sex dream for me. I’m about to have sex, and then there’s a problem with SAG/AFTRA.

I’m not depressed today. Why? Because I finally felt good about what I did on stage last night. What did I do onstage last night? Express how I really felt without fear of judgement.

Ergo – depression, for me, is caused by the fear of negative judgement and the lack of emotional expression.

I should probably remember that.

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