Josh And Depression Vs. The World: Day 74

Here’s what helps me deal with depression:

Long hot showers.
Resenting people (preferably while eating sugar and/or taking a long hot shower).

Apparently, none of these things are healthy, which brings me to yet another way I deal with depression:


Another fun fact I just learned: a new study shows that people who feel more in control of their lives also feel younger. Now, I may just be another 97-year-old pessimist, but I think this is baloney.

“It could be worse.” That’s an impression of me practicing Judaism.

Here’s the sixty-four thousand dollar question – if I were truly happy, would I be truly happy? I can’t help but wonder if I am clinging to negative emotions because I like a challenge.

Maybe I need to play more video games – I will be honest with you – the last time I had an enjoyable vacation was when I flew back to Denver and spent three days playing Halo with my high school friends. It was fun spending three days pretending I could walk briskly for extended periods of time without getting nauseated.

On the other hand, I recently tried playing one of the Star Wars shoot-em-up games, and I found that tedious. I’d rather play a Star Trek: The Next Generation shoot-em-up – that’s where you spend an hour debating what to do in the conference room in order to come up with a plan to narrowly avoid shooting anybody up.

I’m also trying to sit outside more – near trees and nature. So that way, I can be annoyed with my life AND covered in ants. Looks like I’m on the path to wellness!

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