Josh And Depression Vs. The World: Day 75

The root of my misery lies in me constantly imagining the worst case scenario. The older I get, the more my worst case scenario turns out to be the scenario.

I’m very tired. Not necessarily literally, but spiritually. Very tired. I would probably feel better if I could learn to love and forgive all people unequivocally.

I was watching a documentary about the making of He-Man. The creators theorize that kids bonded with the character because they could pretend to have the power. He-Man got his powers when he held up his sword and said “I have the power!” Which made it very difficult for He-Man to not ruin surprise parties.

I wonder why He-Man couldn’t just always have the power. He had to keep turning the power of Greyskull off and on again. Greyskull must have been having energy problems. Or maybe it was more of a philosophical problem.

HE-MAN: Why can’t I permanently have the power?

SORCERESS: You can’t ALWAYS have the power.

HE-MAN: Why not?

SORCERESS: It’s too much.

What if He-Man ever so slightly mispronounced one of the words in “I have the power.” Would he only get some of the power, or would he get no power at all? This was never explained. It would be a really bad day when Prince Adam was suffering from laryngitis.

A family consisting of a mother and one or two daughters always walks into the Coffee Bean, always asking for money. The mother, right before she walked into the Coffee Bean, had spent the last few minutes talking on the cell phone. I find myself annoyed by this – but why? What do I assume they are doing? Clearly they are scamming me. Well, even if they are scamming me, they are doing so because they need the money – unless they are filthy rich, and are begging just for the joy of begging. That’s where I automatically jump to. Why? To justify not giving any money. And then, underneath it, I can continue feeling guilty. What a life.

Saw a trailer for the new movie about Vincent Van Gough. Looks good. However, vast percentages of the plot involve the act of painting – I’d love to see a movie about a famous painter – perhaps Da Vinci, and right before he is about to start painting, he’s suddenly kidnapped by a band of genetically modified articulate bears from the future, and the whole movie revolves around answering the question of whether or not the bears can defeat a genetically modified puffer fish from the future. I know. Too mainstream.

“Too mainstream” is also the complaint that many female salmon give about their choices.

I’ll let you sit on that last sentence for a second – and consider that it was written by a person who has reached the limits of sanity.

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