Josh And Depression Vs. The World: Day 77

Josh and Depression Vs. The World, Day 77

Bad things have happened, bad things are going to happen – but when? In five minutes? Ten? Today feels like a day where I am hovering between major spells of aggravation.

Update: bad things happened. It’s nice to know I haven’t lost my touch.

By focusing on depression, am I, in fact, increasing the depression? I’ve asked this question in previous blog posts – let’s see what happens if I spend the next part of this blog totally lying.


I feel so #Blessed to be alive in this world of wonders. Why, just this morning, I heard a bird #singing and I was transported to a place of #wonder and #joy. We should thank our lucky stars that we are who we are. Everything is perfect.

Look at that! It’s a table! A table of perfection. #Table. Look at that! It’s a pigeon. The Lexus of the skies, I always say! #LexusOfTheSkies


All right, that’s enough of that crap.

My idea of romance: Lying in bed with a woman, not doing anything. God, that’s #perfection.

Am I creating all of this? Is this blog even helping? Or is it doing more harm than good? I’m very tired. And yet, at the same time, I’m wired. That’s what happens when I eat a pop tart at 8pm.

A family is walking into the coffee bean – everyone is wearing suits. Are they coming from a wedding or a funeral? Is there a difference? Either way, there will be cake. One of the family members is eating an ice cream cone that he CLEARLY did not purchase at the Coffee Bean. How dare they bring in outside food and beverage.

I’m feeling very hopeless. The important thing is to maintain a sense of humor.
I’m feeling very hopeless. Ladies!

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