Josh And Failure Vs. The World: Day 11

Josh and Failure Vs. The World – Day 11

I had a terrible day yesterday – none of the jokes I had come up with worked. And I felt like the biggest failure on earth – so this is great news for this blog.

I was writing about depression, and I am depressed today, but I don’t want to focus on that. I want to focus on failure instead, because I’m trying to be more positive.

Failure and depression are related. If I had had a tremendous open mic yesterday, I would probably feel a lot better today – I would feel a little better today – you know, I might be just as bad, now that I think about it. No, I’d be a little better today – but very little.

I was also told by a clairvoyant that I should do the following:
Travel more
Write more jokes about my childhood
Trust people more.

And she said that I shouldn’t be afraid to ask the universe for signs.

So I am asking for the following signs:

what about my childhood should I focus on?
Before I travel more, can you please send money (cash or check is fine)
When you say “trust people,” you mean don’t bother them with your neuroses and take what they say at face value like a moron, right?
When you say “move,” you’re not talking about exercising, right?

My question is how subtle are these signs? I’m not good at reading subtle signs. Can the signs be emailed to me and include specific dates, times, and locations? That would be great, thanks!

When I thought about my childhood, the first place I went to was my parents – now I could sit here and write several jokes making fun of them, but I just don’t feel like doing that. I’d rather make fun of myself and leave these poor bastards alone. They’ve suffered enough.

Follow up question – if I’m supposed to be doing jokes about my childhood, and I watched a lot of Thundercats when I was a child, can I theoretically write jokes about Thundercats? Because that would be my preference at this point in time. I could write ten minutes on Panthro alone!

But to the point of this – the failure on my part last night – I’m in a period right now where I just don’t feel funny. Naturally this happens to me because the clairvoyant told me to use the mantra “I deserve to be a comedian,” and my neuroses said “oh, we’ll see about that” and I proceeded to have one of the worst sets in recent memory.

I did let myself cry a little bit afterwards – too bad I’m not still a theatre major – I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. If I ever have to cry onstage in a play, all I have to do to get ready is go do an open mic. It’ll be a terrible open mic, but it’ll lead to a Tony.

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