Josh and Failure vs the World: Day 16

Josh and Failure vs the World: Day 16

Here’s how I failed today:

I told some people I was more depressed than I currently am. I don’t like advertising those points in my life when I’m not depressed, because it just feels like I’m asking the universe to try me. If Odysseus had kept his mouth shut instead of mouthing off to Poseidon, it wouldn’t have taken him all those years to get home. You never mouth off to Poseidon. The God of the ocean is not to be trifled with. If you really want to mouth off to a God, mouth off to the God of ponds. What’s he going to do? Swallow your bird feeder (and now I’m legitimately terrified that I have pissed off the God of ponds. I’m not sure what His name is, but if it was Jim, the God of Ponds, I wouldn’t be surprised).

I failed to eat healthy. I ordered a veggie taco at a trendy taco bar, which means that I ate a salty and delicious sauce and a salty and delicious tortilla that was almost spoiled by the vegetables. Oh, and I had three rice krispy treats. Or was it four. Might have been ten.

I failed to have more compassion for the homeless people I walk past every day. I’m afraid to make eye contact with them because if I do, then they might start talking to me. And why would that be a bad thing? My fear is that they would not stop talking to me. Glad to see I’m making this about me. I once offered a homeless woman some money, and then, every time I walked past her, she asked me for money. After awhile, I stopped giving it to her. So now I feel guilty about that – note to self – consider writing a blog about guilt. There will be no end of material.

I failed to stop talking over people – I’ve been noticing this quite a bit – I start talking before people finish what they’re saying. Aside from the fact that what they’re saying is meaningless drivel that causes my ears pain, what I’m doing is rude. I want to experiment with waiting for the person to stop talking, and then pausing in the hopes that they will listen to what they just said and maybe retract some of it.

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