Josh And Failure Vs. The World: Day 22

Josh and Failure Vs. The World: Day 22

Here’s how I failed today:

It turned out I was wrong about something and I still want to be right about it. The details of this don’t matter – It’s the same problem I keep running into. Being wrong is a form of failure. I have to learn to embrace it. I just tried to embrace it and I can’t. I’d rather punch something expensive.

I got a laugh onstage, but it wasn’t a HUGE laugh. At first, I celebrated the laugh. But then I ran the joke by my mother, and it didn’t work, so now I’m convinced it is a failure of a joke. Am I being too hard on myself? During times like this, I ask myself WWJSD – what would Jerry Seinfeld do – or more specifically, what would Jerry Seinfeld say.

ME: Am I being too hard on myself?
SEINFELD: No. It’s not a great joke. Throw it out.

There you have it.

I hate that I’m not perfect. I don’t know why this is so much to ask?
“If you were perfect at everything you do, you’d be bored,” my mother would say. Correction! I would be bored AND rich. There’s a subtle difference.

I’m failing to read this Ayn Rand “The Fountainhead” book, and by book, I mean tomb. I can feel the book staring at me, as if to say “I could be sitting on the shelf of somebody who would read this.” And then I say to the book – “if you don’t shut up, I’m going to buy anything written by Bernie Sanders and shove it right next to you.”

I failed to be calm – I keep trying to be calm, and it never seems to stick. Maybe I should try to be more hysterical. Actually play to my strengths for once.

I failed to eat healthy again:
2 rice crispy treats. A honey oat waffle cookie. Steak tacos. Fried Wontons.

I failed to appreciate the beauty I see around me.

And I still hate people on bicycles.

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