Josh And Failure Vs. The World: Day 24

Josh and Failure Vs The World: Day 24

Here’s how I failed today:

Totally failed with my diet – two cookies, rice krispy treat, Smarties, Root Beer hard candy. It’s not a good sign when the healthiest thing I eat is a grape.

Incidentally, marketers are trying to market grape juice to men. They are promoting the drink as manly – I agree with them. Every drink is risking diabetes. And men take risks, by God. Some men jump out of planes, other men put their head in a lion’s mouth. I drink grape juice, and when I order a salad, I eat the cheese and the chicken cubes and avoid the lettuce like the plague. I don’t consider it to be a “chicken salad.” It’s “chicken dropped in an annoying forest.”

I’m hiding behind sugar. It’s a very bad habit – when I don’t eat sugar, I feel sad and depressed. When I eat sugar, I almost don’t feel sad and depressed. It’s a huge step up.

I’m failing at consistency when it comes to joke writing – I so badly want to always be on my A game. And by saying this, I am also failing at letting go of being perfect. That’s a failure within a failure – this is Matrix level failure.

I have not cleaned my room in four years. That’s an epic fail. Though mom tells me that it’s actually healthier to live in filth because I am exposed to more germs so my body builds up a tolerance. At this rate, if I encounter Ebola, Ebola will be the one who gets sick.

Still failing to read the Fountainhead.

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