Josh and Failure Vs. The World: Day 31

Josh and Failure Vs. The World: Day 31

Here’s how I failed today:

I overate and then got sick. I knew, as I was overeating, that I was overeating. Nevertheless, I continued. I have this notion that when I order food at a restaurant, I have to eat all of it. I don’t like taking it home, because as soon as food becomes leftovers, I don’t like the taste. As soon as the food passes the threshold of the restaurant – that’s it – it’s over – it’s like taking the holy grail beyond the seal. Everything falls apart.

I also said to myself “I’m going to stop eating candy today,” and the I ate half of a bag of candy corn. So that’s how I’m doing with self-control.

I failed to write as much as I wanted to write today- I dedicated a full hour to it, and I really only got in about 35 to 45 minutes.

I failed to read enough – I’m not taking enough in – so my writing gets very circular – conveying the same things over and over again.

I failed to make love to a beautiful woman (or maybe a man, but most likely a woman).

Still recovering from overeating.

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