Josh & Depression Vs. The World: Day 34

Better today – which can only mean that the next thing that is going to stress me is just now headed my way. Hopefully the 405 isn’t too busy this morning.

I should exercise more. I like walking, but that’s a challenge when I’m living in Burbank in the summer. I remember the good old days when it only felt like the surface of the sun in August and September. Now, that part of the season seems to have extended into late June and July. I saw three birds sitting on the ground today. I walked near them and I could swear one of them said “does your car have AC? Are you headed downtown?”

I think there should be a new law that states that once the temperature gets high enough, all people must nap.

Look at what happens in nature – look at lions in the nature programs. How many lions are, in the middle of the day, frantically at work on a spreadsheet? They’re lying in the grass, staring at the guy holding the camera at them, and saying “just wait until the sun goes down. As I have the will to live again, I’m going to eat you.”

I would still rather live here than in colder climates. My issue is not the heat, in it of itself. It’s that I’m too poor to be able to afford to, at the drop of a dime, not get out of bed for nineteen consecutive hours.

And, let’s be honest. Even if the temperature were always ideal, I would find a reason not to exercise. I have to take responsibility for my life, etc, etc, vision board, vision board.

My vision board is a photo of a person lighting a vision board on fire.

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