Josh & Depression Vs. The World: Day 88

Surprisingly not depressed today, which is TERRIFYING to admit, because I’m afraid God takes that as a challenge.

I talked to my mom yesterday- that actually helped me – why? Because I need other people in order to survive. That’s why Mad Max is so mad. If he had even a sister-in-law, he’d be a little less mad. He’d be Moderately Annoyed Max.

It it wrong that I am glad the kids are all back in school? The streets are less crowded with raw enthusiasm, and I can feel the crushing of spirits increasing exponentially. This shouldn’t be a good thing, and nevertheless, it makes me feel light on my feet.

I also came to the realization today that maybe I should only focus on what I want to do in life, and maybe that will make me feel better. Well, let’s not use the word “better.” That word hasn’t been applicable since the era of the Trapper Keeper.

Are there still Trapper Keepers? Their slogan should be “Trapper Keeper: So cool, you won’t notice that major disparity in educational opportunities between the classes.”

The Trapper Keeper was a notebook with “cool” designs on the front. They were big on turquoise. I enjoy turquoise myself. It’s blue, but with 10% less depression.

Does this mean I’ve won the war against depression? Oh, God no. Not at all. How could I even come up with a thought like that? Besides – that thought goes against the whole point of this blog – which is to turn depression into a friend. After all, who else is as reliable?

Making friends with depression. That’s why I’d like to celebrate having a negative attitude. For all those people out there who hold no hope that the next Batman movie will be any better than the last, I raise my glass to you!

For all those out there who have given up on the possibility of a Twin Peaks finale with a happy ending, I raise my glass to you!

For all those out there who react to “true love” the same way you react to “Rogers And Hammerstein,” I raise my glass to you!

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