Josh & Failure Vs. The World: Day 19

Josh and Failure vs the World: Day 19

I’m really burned out. I’m failing to be inspired and motivated. And more than that, I don’t want somebody to come along and inspire and motivate me. I want to find that within. I think it’s really important to find that within so that I can be self-reliant.

But maybe that’s a fantasy – we all rely on each other. It takes a village – remember how, before there were villages, it didn’t take a village? It just took one caveman with a rock? Those were the days.

But back to the point I’m trying to make, which is that I want to find inspiration within myself, because if I can find inspiration within myself, then I won’t need to rely on self-help books. And the man who does not need self-help books is the man who holds the world in his hand, and maybe also Mars (when I say he holds the world in his hand, I mean to say that he only needs one hand to hold the world, and not that his other hand was severed in a spelunking incident).

Well, now I’m just being silly. I do not approve of silliness. I used to, but then the world became weary and hopeless, and I became interested in dry wit and dry wit alone. Still, though, it would be fun to see an evil giraffe slam his head into a freeway overpass. I say “evil” because nobody wants to see a good giraffe injure himself (I didn’t say “or herself” because no self-respecting female giraffe would make that kind of gaffe. Yes, I rhymed on purpose.)

What would the goal be for an evil giraffe? I think it would be to make everything taller. OR WOULD IT BE TO MAKE EVERYTHING SHORTER? Forgive me for blowing your mind.

But back to failure. What do I mean, back to failure? One would argue that I never left failure. What does inspire me? Proving the stupidity in others. It would be helpful if I first proved the stupidity in myself.

It’s stupid that I am not enjoying my life more. But here’s the problem -when I say “enjoy my life,” the first thing I think of is “play lasertag.” Not drugs, not sex. Laser tag. Well, when it comes to joy, I know what’s possible.

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