Josh Vs. Depression: Day 18

Josh Vs. Depression: Day 18

If you’re depressed today, remember: so is everybody else.

A friend of mine questioned whether or not depression is a label. Not to be confused with the label of a fine wine.

“Ah yes, I’ll have a glass of the dry, white depression, please. Yes, the ‘57 Chateu Des Miserables.”

By the way, if depression were a musical, it would be Les Mis. What is the lesson of Les Mis? Don’t try to navigate through a war unless your an ingenue.

But back to the matter at hand – regarding depression as a label.

The disadvantage: that the potential exists for depression to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The advantage: that the label somehow helps me get girls.

The second one is not so much an “advantage” as it is a “pipe dream.”

Speaking of labels, I might also be a little bisexual. I’m sensing a running theme in my life. Mild depression, mild bisexuality. Joshua Snyder: a touch of sad. I say this because, in any of the preceding or following blogs, when I say “I hope I get the girl,” what I mean to say is “I hope I get the girl and/or maybe a guy, just to try it once.” But that second way of saying it takes a lot more words.

Mild bisexuality does not help mild depression – not for a lack of support. I am blessed with having supportive parents and friends, so I’m not worried about a lack of acceptance. What I am worried about is that, by being heterosexual light, I am appealing to neither sex. But then I console myself with the fact that my sexual identity is not what is keeping me single – it’s my personality. It’s a non-sexual element. And remember, everybody else is miserable!

So where does that leave me for today? With a knot in my back.

I’m also having a lot of trouble falling asleep. Is this depression? Or is it the oppressive heat? Oppressive heat and depression have a lot of similarities. Depression is the psychological South Florida.

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