Josh Vs. Depression: Day 25

A good question has been raised: if the title of this blog is “Josh Vs. Depression,” where are the battle scenes? Well, let’s just say this blog is a lot like Batman V. Superman. Two hours of discussion, five seconds of action. And the only good thing about both is the cameo from Wonder Woman.

WONDER WOMAN: Have you tried exercise?

Thanks, Diana.

The purpose of this blog is not to fight depression. It’s merely to watch it. To describe as accurately as possible what is happening. Because I have noticed that when I do that here, things become more bearable out there.

In quantum theory, particles that are observed behave differently than particles that are not observed. I don’t have any scientific evidence to support this, but I’ve noticed the same thing in my own life. As soon as I observe what I am doing or what I am feeling, that observation yields some kind of change. And in this way, I can feel less depressed and still eat badly and not exercise. So you see, it’s a flawless plan.

The irony of irony is that my life got better after I started this blog – that is to say, my life got better after I took ownership over my depression. And the end goal is not to defeat it, but to get it on my side, and use it in the even greater battle of surviving in a world that is essentially the dark ages with wifi.

There will always be more bad days (at least, until death – though there might even be bad days after death. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some kind of red tape involved – probably at least sales tax). I’m beginning to understand that my aim is not to escape the bad days, but to view all the good days and the bad days as clouds floating high above reality, which is immutable and slightly overpriced.

So yes, perhaps it’s time for a title change for this blog…

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