NX-10: War Of The Worlds

I discuss War of The Worlds – I haven’t read the book, but I’ve seen 27 movies/tv shows that have ripped it off, so, at the end of the day, haven’t we all read it?

Plus – let’s talk The Foundation Saga at Apple, and Final Fantasy 7: The Remake! (Great title!)

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NX-08: 1984

I discuss the novel 1984 – is it still science fiction?  Might make more sense to put it in the history section, and then re-write it to favor the current administration.  (See what I did there)

Plus – the “Alien” from the movie “Alien” isn’t scary anymore.  Let’s just make it part of the crew and call it “Tim.”

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NX-O7: Ender’s Game

Sorry I’m late posting this – it’s been a week!  I talk about Ender’s Game, which takes place aboard an orbiting battle school space station.  Where’s the novel about the orbiting theatre school space station, I ask you?

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NX-06: Starship Troopers

Why have I been writing these descriptions in the 3rd person?  Like I’ve got a production team.  Anyway, I talk about Starship Troopers – fascism meets the Care Bears – and complain about why they haven’t made Burnam the captain yet on Discovery.

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